leadership & governance

BOCAIP is able to effectively implement its HIV and TB programs because of the strong governance and leadership structure which has been built since its inception and continues to strengthen as the organisation grows. BOCAIP is governed through the following systems:

A. Ownership of BOCAIP (Membership)
BOCAIP currently has more than 100 standing members composed of individual church leaders/members, churches and faith based organisations such as Scripture Union Botswana, Botswana Council of Churches and Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana. The primary role of the members is to safeguard the vision of BOCAIP and ensure that the National Board and the Secretariat uphold the Godly role of the church in responding to HIV pandemic.
B. Annual General   Assembly
BOCAIP members assemble once a year in forum called Annual General Meeting to discuss strategic matters of the organisation. The agenda as outlined by the constitution is: The Annual Organisational Progress Report, Finance Audit report, Election of the National Board (every 2 years) and discussion and approval of amendments to the constitution and the strategic plan.
C. National Board
The Board is made up of 12 members who are elected every 2 years through a transparent process of elections outlined in the constitution. The members meet quarterly to discuss strategic matters of BOCAIP where the CEO gives progress to date in comparison to the strategic plan. This is a platform where the Board discus and endorse policies, approve budgets and interrogate the financial reports. The Board delegates authority to the CEO and the CEO employs management and staff to operate the organisation.
D. The CEO and Management
BOCAIP is lead by a Chief Executive Officer whose primary role is is to drive the implementation of the organisational strategic plan. She works with a team of managers, contract staff members and Volunteers.