Address Centre coordinator: Mrs Oteng Kebitseope
Extention 12, Inside Methodist Church
PO Box 50118, Gaborone, Botswana
395 6063
395 6224


Tshepong Counselling Centre is located in Gaborone city. It operates from the Methodist Church premises.

Tshepong began as a response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The Centre is however not limited to addressing HIV and AIDS related issues only. The counsellors are trained to help people sort through difficulties they may be experiencing in life.

In addition to counselling, Tshepong also participates in HIV and AIDS education and prevention through outreaches in schools, churches and other organisations. It also condcuts HIV Home Testing, Mobile Testing, and Partner Testing - through invitation. It provides Community TB Care Services, Community Care for PLHIV, and Gender Norms Sessions and referrals. This is done in partnership with other development partners involved in HIV and AIDS work like FHI360. The centre also has support groups for PLWHA.

To Centre Management committee has been established, which has representatives from the local churches as part of community egagement in programming.