Centre Coordinator Ms Keitumetse Dithebe
Address Masunga, Opposite SDA Church
+267 2481 062
+267 2481 062

It is situated in Masunga, Opposite SDA Church, . It is a joint Christian HIV and AIDS intervention programme which started as a result of the government’s call to churches to become involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The following are the services provided:

  • HIV Counselling and Testing (Home testing, Mobile Testing, Index Testing)
  • Community TB Care
  • Community Care - PLHIV
  • Linkage to care and services
  • HIV/AIDS/TB/GBV Education and Sesitisation
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs for Youths and Adolescents
  • Counselling for Alcohol Users and Abusers
  • General Counselling

The centre works with the youth, Christian and non-Christian community members, schools, churches, organisations, clinics and hospitals. Their area of coverage is the whole of the North East.