In 2011, BOCAIP started to implement the “Community TB Care” project in an effort to contribute to the reduction of burden on TB patients, including those who also have HIV. This came as a request from the Ministry Of Health to NGOs, to assist in reducing the number of new TB cases, giving care and support to TB patients, as well as mobilizing the community to respond to the elimination of TB in Botswana. The Ministry of Health 2011 report indicated that about 68% of people who have TB disease are also infected by HIV. Statistics also show that TB is the main cause of death among HIV positive clients, hence the reason why BOCAIP decided to integrate the “Community TB Care” project into its HIV mandates. The greatest needs in combatting TB include some patients’ lack of compliance during treatment and some having to travel long distance to access TB treatment and regular checkups. BOCAIP’s TB interventions include: 

  1. Administration of TB treatment at the patient’s home
  2. Education sessions on TB and HIV to TB patients
  3. Education sessions of TB infection control to the families of TB patients
  4. Health talks to the community at public settings such as shebeens, churches, schools, kgotlas, and clinics

Project Impact:

  1. More than 500 TB patients completed treatment in the districts of Francistown through ACHAP, and in Kweneng West, Kgalagadi South, Bobirwa, Ngamiland, and North East through MOH Global fund.
  2. More than 50, 000 people were educated on TB and HIV, particularly on how the two can be prevented.
  3. Improved TB treatment outcomes, increased cure rate, increased treatment completion, and improved compliance.