Become A Volunteer

BOCAIP invites individuals or groups with diverse skills both locally and internationally to volunteer their time and skills in enhancing the mandate of the organization.


Volunteeing at BOCAIP provides an opportunity for professional development and growth as well as an opportunity to contribute significantly to the lives of people living with HIV and affected by HIV and TB which brings a personal fulfillment.

Volunteers and Interns are not paid but are appreciated in kind and supported to effectively support BOCAIP.

In order to become a volunteer or an intern at BOCAIP, one needs to follow the following process :


  1. Read about BOCAIP, its values and services.
  2. Decide which service area and which location you would like to serve at.
  3. Submit an application letter or a request from school or Internship program to BOCAIP HR office at or call 3916454 to book an appointment with HR for further details.
  4. In the application state how you wish to volunteer and which location and provide your schedule or time you would like to volunteer to BOCAIP.
  5. The application letter should be accompanied by an identification card, qualifications and a reference from the pastor.
  6. Once your application has been considered you will be contacted for an interview.
  7. After the interview, a decision will be made to offer you the opportunity to volunteer.